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Top .APP sites on Google

travel .app domain names

Top .APP Websites

So you can search on google to see how .app is doing with actual websites.

As of today, March 3, 2019 google shows 8,090,000 pages in .app. You can always search in .app only by putting in the search bar, and then I left blank to see who,would rank the highest. Ill track this number as we go and use it to show if .app is gaining acceptance.  Moreso in .com i dont think we will have the huge buildout of pagefarms in .app. just links to app stores, but it should be a good indicator.

If your looking for specific sites, you can add a search term, so restaurants would show you restaurants using .app, or you could put in a city country or topic.

Top 5 .App Search Results

So without any search term we found these to be the top 5 results returned. I think we can learn a lot by just looking at these first 5 sites and their use of the .APP URL. –  Malayalam keyboard app, links right to their page in the Google Play store.
I think we will see this be the number one use of .app domains.  I think smart owners can make a landing
page with links to their Ios page and/or google page.   More importantly smarter owners can use forms and info to catch the user data before they send them away to the App stores, or sign them up for their web app.. (more to come on Web apps)

manglish app domains Domain in Use   Fitness App from PtOnline. Heres the .app domain is built out for the app.

ptonline app domain name
Ptonline .app Use Case Example So here is a great example of using a one word domain name. One word dictionary domains (link to those for sale on our store) can mean the literal – but im not sure if there is a big market in bullhorns, or in this case it the USE of the one word, to broadcast or say loudly to a big audience, this company has for their .app.  They forward to their .fm domain, probably a lot cheaper than .com until they saw .app coming out. Take a look at

bullhorn app
Bullhorn.App Domain Name in Use   So this is a perfect example of using the url of a branded company to highlight the app. This is a Netherlands Travel app. Even in their native language (we translated)you can see that they have the .APP url pointing to the point of their .nl site that has the app.  Because thats what you want if you type in or are directed from any marketing to go the .app url.  And, as mentioned above if you look at the green box, its got the web app installation right there, for desktop users (yes we exist) and those who dont want to have their purchase and data tracked by the stores.

travel .app domain names Netherlands Travel App (translated)

So here we have what looks like the official Hamburg Tourismus GmbH  site.  They don’t have
but they do have the .App.  And this is again an easy forward to their establish website, but what is easier to promote or
And here is 2 out of the top 5 that are global companies.

hamburg toruism app


So remember, .APP has global demand among and when your buying for use or investment one word and short domain names in app you will have thousands of end users counting all the regions and countries now online. Gone may be the days of only one region determining the value of short 1-3 letter domains because global demand means vowels and different patterns have value.

And if you want to show off who is using .app, grab your phone and type in and show a friend or potential investor or buyer sites in almost any niche.








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