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@APPDomainExpert on Twitter shows off 15 End Users, and a six figure sale.

.APP new suffix domain name has always had a lot of high-priced transactions, recently reported that the two figures completed the transaction at six-digit price.

End Users

Who’s on .app?

And these 15. Follow at @appdomainexpert

1. Qiu Bo APP is enabled 2. US CallAPP is enabled 3. Blockchain project Anthing enables official website

4. Bear Palm Notes Enable 5. Spinach website enables the best two initials 6. CoinCola, a well-known bitcoin trading platform, is enabled

7. Indonesian Presidential Election APP is enabled 8. China’s second largest public chain Tron wave field launches DApp App Store

9. Twitter Twitter co-founder launched the cross-digital currency and legal currency electronic payment application 10. High-end restaurant cloud management system enabled

11. US Financial Technology Bank Zero is enabled
12. Immediately open interest communities to enable 13. The world’s largest gay app Blued is enabled 14. HP HP enabled